About Us

The mission of the Riviere Du Chien Estates Property Owners Association, is to provide its members with a secure and pleasant place in which to live and a place that will maintain or enhance the value of the real property in which they have invested. It will be the policy of the Riviere Du Chien Estates Property Owners Association to advance an agenda that is in the best interest of the membership as a whole.

Our objectives are:
  • To support general community interests.
  • To seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and spending of our funds dedicated to the better of the community.
  • To reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not to be in the best interests of the majority and to work for change where change is needed.
  • To enforce existing covenants, to implement revisions in areas where covenants are flawed, ineffective or non-existent.
  • To provide for open communication to encourage mutual respect between all members despite differences of opinion.
  • To protect our community and make this a place you want to live.

Map of our neighborhood

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is entrusted with overseeing the well being of our neighborhood and that property owners follow the Restrictive Covenant of Riviere Du Chien Estates and assurance that these rules and regulations are followed for the protection of all property owners. If you have any concerns or issues with your neighborhood, you can bring it before the Board of Directors during the next meeting or feel free to contact us at any time.

Our 2014 Board of Directors:

 Rodger Tew
Vice President
 Robert Meeks
 Candace Headland
 Noel Turner

Architectural Committee

Our architectural committee reviews and approves building plans as they relate to square footage and design. They also approve all exterior changes to property or improvements including fences, pools, new structures and more. View the Restrictive Covenant of Riviere Du Chien Estates for a complete list.

Contact the architectural committee before making any changes covered in the Restrictive Covenant of Riviere Du Chien Estates.  Approval only takes a few days and can save an owner inconvenience and expense if changes are not acceptable according to the Restrictive Covenant of Riviere Du Chien Estates.

Our 2014 Architectural Committee:

Joe Geil, Chairman

Jim Bray, Tom Feritto, Linda Nolan,
Shane Nolan, Lee Tew, Felicia Whatley, Bud Wyllie

Rules and Regulations

A copy of the rules and regulations are included here on our website in order to provide you with additional information. We request that any homeowner concern or deed restriction violation report be placed in writing. You may submit your concern via e-mail,  or mail. Thank you for your thoughts and concerns as they are important to our neighborhood!

To email concern: goodneighborsrdc@gmail.com

To mail concern:  PO Box 190182  Mobile, AL 36619.


If you have any specific questions regarding dues, collection, homeowner concerns, or issues, please contact our property owners’ association President Rodger Tew  251.661.9322 .